Oliver Jagoutz


My principal research area is the origin and evolution of the Lithosphere. I address scientific questions by a multidisciplinary approach including field work, petrology, isotope geochemistry, structural geology, major & trace element geochemistry.  For field work I generally use my feet & brain but I also incorporate more “modern” methods (remote sensing techniques using  hyperspectral data, GIS etc.). In detail I am interested in:

-Field studies on magmatic processes

-magmatic accretion of continental crust in subduction zone.

-oceanic crust evolution

-formation and evolution of the ocean-continent transition zone

-evolution of continental crust formation mechanism though earth history 



The pictures above are form the Kohistan arc, NE Pakistan. The Kohistan arc is the best exposed arc section in the World. An entire crustal section ranging from upper mantle rocks to unmetamorphosed sediments is exposed. Therefore it offers an unrivaled opportunity to study crust forming process.