MIT Stable Isotope Laboratory

Our interests lie in interplay among atmosphere, rock, water and microbe.  We apply stable isotope systems, in particular, multiple-sulfur isotope ratios to explore frontiers in isotope geochemistry.  Our current research projects include, photochemical sulfur isotope effect, early microbial evolution, deep biosphere, and seafloor hydrothermal deposits.  In addition, new project is starting under the NSF-MRI support to develop the state-of-the-art instrument for isotopomer monitoring of atmospheric nitrous oxide (with Ron Prinn of EPAS and Center of Global Change Science). Interested students are encouraged to inquire about potential research projects in the laboratory.


Set up for SO2 photolysis to test S-MIF signatures as a function of pSO2, pN2, and UV sources.  The experiments provide some key insights into the source of S-MIF signatures in Archean rocks.

Recent Publications from the lab

News article:

Sulfur Disproportionation?: Astrobiology.Network

Unlocking Sulfur’s Secrets, Editor’s Choice, Science, 4/5/2013

Our JGR paper is highlighted by Editor’s Choice in Science, April 5 2013

Unlocking Sulfur’s Secrets

SO2 pressure dependence of S-MIF during SO2 photolsyis under ~200 nm broadband radiation (from Ono et al.,2013, JGR-Atmosphere)

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