EAPS 12.490/12.092, Current topics in Astrobiology and Geobiology,  Fall 2008, Mon 2-5 pm at E25


Instructors, Bosak and Ono




This course is designed for advanced undergraduate and graduate students with an interest in using primary research literature to discuss and learn about current research around Astrobiology and Geobiology. The class will meet every Wednesday morning throughout the academic semester (excluding university holidays and major meetings). During the regular class session, we will analyze two to three papers in a discussion-based format lead by a student. 


The topic to be covered will be selected by students but may include:

•    History of atmospheric oxygen, sulfur mass-independent isotope effect. 

•    Isotope/chemical/morphological biosignatures in early Earth rocks, Martian meteorites, planetary atmospheres.

•    Evolutionary metabolisms (genomic/genetic/morphological evidence). 

•    methane on Mars, Lost city, icy satellites and Titan

•    Life in extrasolar planets