Explore the Natural World

From far-off fieldwork, to complex computational models and carefully-crafted lab experiments, our students and scientists work side by side investigating the interconnected systems that shape the world around us, providing key insight to help guide humanity toward a sustainable future. Join us.

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Explore the Natural World

We’re curious.

Our research is fueled by shared curiosity. How did the Earth come to be? What sequence of events produced a world where life can thrive? Do microbes influence the atmosphere? What role do the oceans play in regulating the Earth’s temperature? How many Earthlike planets are out there? Can we ever predict earthquakes? Or landslides? Is it possible to capture and store carbon emissions safely underground?

Delving into questions about the processes that influence the natural world and sustain life on Earth, our students and faculty cross boundaries between disciplines, fostering research collaborations unmatched by any other program.

Our Research

We Study:


Exoplanets • Planetary Formation • Solar System Bodies • Habitability • Planetary Magnetism • Extreme Environments + Earth Analogues • Space Instrumentation + Remote Sensing


Atmospheric Chemistry • Atmospheric Physics • Physical + Chemical Oceanography • Glaciology • Past Climates • Carbon Cycle • General Circulation + Climate System Modeling

Health of the Planet

Atmospheric Particulates • Greenhouse Gas Emissions • Heavy Metal Contaminants • Ocean Plastics • Ozone Disruptions • Food Web Cycles • Economic Models + Policy Solutions

Natural Hazards

Earthquakes • Landslides • Tropical Cyclones + Extreme Weather • Volcanoes • Wildfire • Flooding + Sea Level Rise

Life + Environments

Geobiology • Stratigraphy + Fossil Records • Paleogenetics + Horizontal Gene Transfer • Ocean Biogeochemistry • Microbiology • Ecosystems • Extreme Environments • Astrobiology


Deep Earth • Tectonics • Geology • Geomorphology • Radiometric Dating • Paleomagnetism • Sediment Transport + Surface Processes • Riverine Systems • Geodesy + Remote Sensing

Natural Resources

Geothermal Energy • Hydrogeology + Water Resources • Subsurface Energy • Carbon Sequestration • Mineralogy

Meet Our Community

In EAPS, we thrive on collaboration. Engaged with some of the most profound questions facing humanity, we welcome students and researchers from around the globe—catalyzing creativity, innovation, and a deeper understanding of nature in all its forms.

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