Health of the Planet

  • Atmospheric Particulates
  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  • Heavy Metal Contaminants
  • Ocean Plastics
  • Ozone Disruptions
  • Food Web Cycles
  • Economic Models + Policy Solutions

Questions That Drive Us

What are the links between human activities, air and ocean pollution, and climate change? How does ocean acidification affect the biosphere? What are the lasting impacts of heavy metals in the environment? Can we trace atmospheric pollutants to their sources? Can we quantify the impacts on human health? Are we able to measure the environment’s response to policy changes?

The Work We Do

Understanding and protecting the health of the planet we call home is one of the most pressing challenges facing humankind. Tackling this challenge requires a comprehensive approach, integrating fundamental science, engineering, economics, and political science, while harnessing advances in computing and machine learning. Our work stands at the crossroads between theory and practical applications, allowing us to both benefit from and protect our home.

The Earth system is made up of intricate feedbacks that combine to sustain life and allow human societies to thrive. And yet, humans are affecting that delicate balance. Our research spans the entire system, examining how natural cycles and emissions from human activities interact to affect our climate, alter food webs and ecosystems, and impact human health. We develop innovative tools to track the journey of particles and toxic pollutants through the atmosphere and oceans, informing strategies to mitigate threats to clean air and water, biodiversity, and agriculture. We model and quantify economic consequences and assess potential policy responses to help communities, decision makers, and industry partners work toward a sustainable future.