Headquarters Staff

General Administration

Michael Richard
Director, Administration + Finance

Room: 54-918
Phone: 617-253-5184
Email: mjr@mit.edu

On Campus Schedule: Tuesday-Friday

Chief advisor to the Department Head on departmental, School of Science, and Institute policies and procedures. Assumes comprehensive responsibility for strategic planning and administration, including finance and research administration, human resources, building operations and space allocation, development, communications, and environmental health and safety.  Provides counsel and comprehensive support to faculty, students, and staff.

Madelyn Musick
Assistant to the Director

Room: 54-918
Phone: 617-253-2127
Email: mmusick@mit.edu

On Campus Schedule: Monday-Friday

  • Room reservations
  • Calendars and events
  • Videoconferencing rooms and audio-visual equipment
  • Mail and shipping
  • Department Xerox and plotter
  • Van policies and reservations
  • Parking permits
  • Teaching and office supplies
  • Reporting general building issues (HVAC, elevators, plumbing, lighting)
  • Department Lecture Series logistics

David Wright
Senior Assistant to the Department Head

Room: 54-918
Phone: 617-253-3382
Email: djwright@mit.edu

On Campus Schedule: Monday-Friday

  • Appointments with Rob van der Hilst
  • Faculty meeting schedules
  • Special lectures

Offices by Functional Role

Ann Greaney-Williams
Education Officer

Room: 54-910
Phone: 617-253-3380
Email: agreaney@mit.edu

On Campus Schedule: Mon, Wed, Thu
Remote Schedule: Tues, Fri

Responsible for administrating EAPS undergraduate and graduate programming. Advises students regarding degree requirements, career options, funding, policies and procedures, and Institute resources for student support.

Jamu White
Senior Academic Assistant

Room: 54-912
Phone: 617-253-3381
Email: jamuw@mit.edu

On Campus Schedule: Tue, Wed, Thu
Remote Schedule: Mon, Fri

Provides administrative support for the EAPS Education Office, including room scheduling, classrooms and supplies, reimbursements, Canvas sites, student appointments, and various forms, including grading and evaluations, registration, and thesis submissions.

Natalie Liang
Senior Financial Officer

Room: 54-911
Phone: 617-253-7156
Email: nliang@mit.edu

On Campus Schedule: Wed, Thu

Principal advisor to the Department Head and Director on financial policy and budgeting. Guides faculty and staff on MIT and federal research grant policies and administration, proposal preparation, and projections.

Kerin Willis
Financial Administrator

Room: 54-911
Phone: 617-324-2470
Email: kjwillis@mit.edu

On Campus Schedule: Remote

Provides faculty and researchers with guidance on research proposals and after-award administration. Contact for assistance with MIT Research Administration Services policies and procedures, Kuali Coeus, Research.gov, and Grants.gov.

Karen Fosher
HR Administrator

Room: 54-924
Phone: 617-253-2132
Email: kfosher@mit.edu

On Campus Schedule: Tue, Wed, Thur

Principal advisor to the Department Head and Director on MIT employment policies and procedures. Processes appointments and visas for academic and non-academic staff. Point of contact regarding payroll and benefits, employee relations, recruitment, and professional development.

Megan Cokely
Senior Development Officer

Room: 54-926
Phone: 617-253-5796
Email: mecokely@mit.edu

On Campus Schedule: Tue, Wed, Thu

Principal advisor to the Department Head and Director regarding fundraising, stewardship, donor engagement, and alumni relations.

Jen Fentress
Communications Officer

Room: 54-911
Phone: 617-324-9731
Email: jfen@mit.edu

On Campus Schedule: Remote

Principal advisor to the Department Head, Director, and Senior Development Officer on marketing and promotions strategy, messaging and branding, website design and management, and media/public relations. Editor and producer for EAPS news, social media, audio/video, email newsletters, and print materials including the alumni newsmagazine EAPS Scope. Serves as consultant to faculty, staff, and students on communications best practices.

Paige Colley
News + Online Media Coordinator

Room: 54-911
Phone: 617-258-9610
Email: pcolley@mit.edu

On Campus Schedule: Wed, Thu

Primary point of contact for EAPS news and social media. Responsible for science writing, social media promotions, and acts as liaison to MIT News and other media outlets. Produces multimedia content and helps manage digital assets and website maintenance.

Got News?

Scott Wade
Facilities Administrator

Room: 54-810
Phone: 617-253-2819
Email: swade@mit.edu

On Campus Schedule: Mon, Tue, Wed

Responsible for EAPS physical plant and operations — across Building 54, Building 55, E-25 6th Floor, and Building 4 4th Floor — including maintenance and repairs, renovations and installations, safety and security, key and card access, and laboratory and office moves.

Dianna Gagnon
Environmental Health + Safety Coordinator

Room: 54-911
Phone: 781-439-3719
Email: diannag@mit.edu

On Campus Schedule: Tue, Thu

Responsible for implementation of environmental health and safety policies, including laboratory and equipment inspections, workplace safety programs and training, and accident recordkeeping. Provides advice and assistance to PIs and laboratory personnel on government regulations, MIT practices, and training needs.

Tricia Nesti
Academic Administrator

Room: 54-820
Phone: 617-253-7544
Email: tnesti@mit.edu

On Campus Schedule: Monday – Friday

Responsible for administrating the MIT/WHOI Joint Program graduate program on the MIT campus. Contact for assistance with program car reservations and chartered bus service, Sid-Pac apartment, financial administration and reimbursements, and videoconferencing.