Planetary Science

  • Exoplanets
  • Asteroids + Planetesimals
  • Solar System Origins
  • Space Instrumentation + Remote Sensing
  • Observational Astronomy
  • Paleomagnetism
  • Orbital Mechanics + Astrodynamics
  • Planetary Atmospheres
  • Habitability + Astrobiology
  • Protoplanetary Nebulae
  • Transit Photometry + Transmission Spectroscopy
  • Cosmochemistry
  • Planetary Evolution

The EAPS Program in Planetary Science (PPS) offers students the opportunity to explore the solar system and exoplanets beyond, using theory, telescopic observation, spacecraft data, numerical modeling, experimentation, and analysis to examine the physical and chemical processes that shape the surfaces and interiors of planets and small bodies, as well as the structure, chemistry, and dynamics of planetary atmospheres.

Program Chair: Benjamin Weiss