Three EAPS Professors promoted

Portraits of Julien de Wit, Matěj Peč, and David McGee edited to be side-by-side

Julien de Wit (left), Matěj Peč (center), and David McGee.

The Executive Committee of the Corporation has approved the promotions of three Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences (EAPS) Professors: Julien de Wit and Matěj Peč have been promoted to associate professor, while David McGee has been promoted to full professor. They go into effect July 1 2024.

Julien de Wit is a planetary scientist developing new analytical techniques for mapping exoplanet atmospheres and studying planet-star interactions. He is spearheading the expansion of the SPECULOOS telescope network into the Northern Hemisphere with the addition of the Artemis telescope on Tenerife in the Canary Islands. His research was recently featured in MIT News for a paper showing that planets with low-carbon atmospheres are good candidates to look at for signs of water. He joined the MIT faculty in 2018.

Matěj Peč is a geologist studying the fundamental forces behind plate tectonics. His lab researches melting in the Earth’s mantle and lower crust, and how rocks fail under different conditions, by conducting high-pressure, high-temperature experiments in the lab. In addition, they are exploring carbon mineralization and storage as ways to mitigate climate change. Peč’s work was recently highlighted in MIT News discussing how the acoustic patterns of rocks can reveal the cracks and defects in the Earth’s crust. He joined the MIT faculty in 2017.

David McGee studies the evolution of the Earth’s climate over time. He and his team research the paleoclimate through different Earth systems, such as rainfall patterns, winds, and permafrost, as well as with geochemical evidence found in stalagmites, lake deposits, and deep-sea sediments. McGee is a MacVicar Fellow and was recently awarded a School of Science Teaching Prize for his work as director of the Terrascope Program. He joined the EAPS faculty in 2012, and currently serves as the associate department head for diversity, equity, and inclusion.