TIL Climate Podcast Episode: Is it too late?

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Is it too late to prevent climate change? Are the scary predictions that we hear about inevitable? In this episode of TILclimate (Today I Learned Climate), MIT Profesor Noelle Selin joins host Laur Hesse Fisher to answer these questions. They explore what change is predictable, explain what climate goals like 1.5 C mean, and give insight to what it will take in order to achieve them.

Noelle Selin is Associate Professor in the Institute for Data, Systems and Society and in the Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences. She also serves as the Director of MIT’s Technology and Policy Program. Her research uses modeling and analysis to inform sustainability decision-making, focusing on issues involving air pollution, climate change and hazardous substances such as mercury.

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Laur Hesse Fisher, Host and Producer
David Lishansky, Editor and Producer
Aaron Krol, Associate Producer
Sabrina Gaitan, Student Production Assistant
Music by Blue Dot Sessions
Artwork by Aaron Krol