TIL Climate Podcast: Slow carbon, fast carbon

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The Earth naturally absorbs some of our climate pollution from burning fossil fuels. But how much, and how fast? Geophysicist Prof. Daniel Rothman joins the podcast to explain the nature and scale of the natural carbon cycle, and how our appetite for fossil fuels has pushed it out of balance.

Prof. Daniel Rothman is a Professor of Geophysics in the MIT Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences. He studies the carbon cycle, its stability, and its relation to the climate system, searching for new insights into how the organization of the natural world emerges from the interactions of life and the physical environment. He is also Co-Director of the MIT Lorenz Center, a home for creative, cross-disciplinary thinking in climate science to advance fundamental understanding of the mechanisms that influence Earth’s climate.

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  • Laur Hesse Fisher, Host and Executive Producer
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  • Andrew Moseman, Science Reporter
  • Michelle Harris, Fact Checker
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