Camilla Cattania

Cecil and Ida Green Career Development Professor

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Joshua Kastorf 617.253.8028

Seismologist studying earthquake interaction on regional and global scales using numerical, analytical and statistical tools.

Research Interests

Camilla Cattania is a seismologist with experience in numerical modeling, earthquake physics, and statistical seismology. She has developed new models of aftershock triggering based on static stress changes and studied swarms drive by magmatic intrusions and dynamic triggering. A separate but complementary aspect of her research consists of analytical and numerical modeling of slip on a single fault. Cattania has applied ideas from fracture mechanics to investigate the interaction between seismic and aseismic slip on isolated asperities, a topic she is now exploring in a wider range of tectonic settings and including additional physical processes.

Topics I Investigate:

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Cattania received her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the University of Cambridge in experimental and theoretical physics. She earned a PhD in geophysics from the GFZ German Research Center for Geosciences/University of Potsdam, where she was a guest scientist. She later joined the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution as a guest investigator, before becoming a postdoctoral fellow at Stanford University.

I like the breadth of research at EAPS. Having people who work in such different fields all in the same place forces you to think in more fundamental ways.

Camilla Cattania