Oliver Jagoutz

Chair, Program in Geology, Geochemistry, and Geobiology
Professor of Geology

Contact Info:

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Kayla Bauer 617.253.9641

Geologist specializing in magmatic processes, oceanic crust evolution, and formation and evolution of the ocean-continent transition zone.

Research Interests

I am deeply interested in understanding the complex processes that shape planet’s crust and geological evolution. My work addresses fundamental questions about Earth’s history and dynamics. I am also very excited about interdisciplinary projects that tackle societal relevant problems from a multitude of different, often unconventional approaches.

My principal expertise is in geological fieldwork, petrology, structural geology and geochemistry.

Topics I investigate:

  • Natural carbon sequestration processes as a guide for solutions for climate change
  • Natural reactions for geological hydrogen production
  • Evolution of arc magmas and the formation of economic deposits
  • The relationship between tectonics and long-term climate variations
  • Formation and evolution of planetary crusts

Biographic Sketch

Oliver Jagoutz joined the EAPS faculty in 2008. At the undergraduate level, Jagoutz studied Chemistry and Geology at the University of Mainz and was a European Union Erasmus Scholar at ETH Zurich. He went on to earn his PhD in 2004 from ETH Zurich, studying with J.P. Burg, with additional studies at the Tokyo Institute of Technology working with Shige Maruyama. Before coming to MIT, Jagoutz pursued postdoctoral work with Othmar Müntener at the University of Bern.

Fieldwork is central to Jagoutz’ research, typically spending several months a year spent at sites around the globe; past locations have included Greece, Zimbabwe, Switzerland, Italy, Pakistan, India, Mongolia, Morocco, and the western US.