Talia Tamarin-Brodsky

Assistant Professor

Contact Info:

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Josh Kastorf 617.253.8028

Works at the interface between weather and climate, studying atmospheric temperature variability and how it responds to climate change.

Research Interests

My research concerns questions on the interface between weather and climate, specifically applying a ‘weather’ perspective (i.e., dynamics occurring at the scales of storms) to better understand our climate system and how it might change in the future. Research topics include midlatitude storm-tracks, atmospheric wave breaking events, slowly varying circulation regimes, subseasonal-to-seasonal predictability, temperature variability, climate and weather extremes (such as heatwaves and blocking events), and how these may change as the climate warms. My research aims to address existing gaps in knowledge through a combination of theory, observational analysis, and numerical simulations with varying complexity.

Topics I investigate:

  • Large-scale atmospheric dynamics
  • Temperature variability and extremes
  • Midlatitude storms tracks
  • Climate change

Biographic Sketch

Talia Tamarin-Brodsky joined the EAPS faculty in 2023. She attended Tel Aviv University, Israel, earning a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and geophysics (2004) as well as a master’s in physics (2009), before going on to complete her PhD studies in the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences at the Weizmann Institute in 2012. Talia completed two postdoctoral projects, including being awarded a James S. McDonnell Foundation postdoctoral fellowship in 2017 to study complex systems in the Department of Meteorology at the University of Reading, UK, and a postdoctoral fellowship in geophysics at Tel Aviv University in 2020.

Key Awards & Honors

  • 2022 • Rector Postdoctoral award – Tel Aviv University, Geophysics
  • 2020 • Rewarding Excellence Award- University of Reading, Meteorology
  • 2017 • Women in Science Award- Israel National Postdoc Award for Advancing Women in Science

Key Publications

  • Tamarin-Brodsky and N. Harnik, The relation between Rossby Wave Breaking events and low-level weather systems, Weather Clim. Dynam. (accepted), 2023

  • T. Tamarin-Brodsky, K.I. Hodges, B.J Hoskins and T. Shepherd, Changes in Northern Hemisphere temperature variability shaped by regional warming patterns, Nat. Geosci., 10.1038/s41561-020-0576-3 (2020)

  • T. Tamarin-Brodsky and Y. Kaspi, Enhanced poleward propagation of storms under climate change, Nat. Geosci., 10.1038/s41561-017-0001-8 (2017)